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Cruxia worst waifu 0/10 poo tier


shinsua asked:
I think I might have asked it before, but how old is Cruxia? Like... the idea of Cruxia, I mean.

Ahaha…I wanted to say 2006 but I met Horace around 2005 and he adamantly recalls me talking about Parallax  (Parallect at the time) and her >w>;;

I think it's rad that you've kept Cruxia as a character for so long. It makes me wonder what would have happened if I still drew Anaugi

haha aww thanks, I know she’s p. old but I always had a plan in mind for her whether as a reoccurring villain or having her own story. I think an OC has a lot of great potential if you develop some motives, a history, and give a personality to them. It’s one thing to draw characters but it’s whole nother level when you you put some background into them and why they are the way they are.

It’s never too late to work up a good OC!

tsk tsk.. Better luck next time kid~

I'm having an idea for a comic, still debating whether or not to make it a tumblr comic like yours, but nonetheless, what are some tips you'd give a novice comic writer, cruxia-senpai?

Plan out your story, your pages, what do you want to portray to the viewer. Write the script first then thumbnail panels to the script. It helps to keep your script in a neat fancy doc or write it in a journal. Don’t post your pages until you actually have 1-5 page already done that way you can make new pages without stressing about having them done right away :D

Finished another fanart request. This one was for Hydreigon!

A belated birthday pic for my bf :3c 





Fun Dungeon | Clarence | Cartoon Network (by Cartoon Network)

watch this, (it’s worth it)

The team either did amazing research on play areas at fast food places or have incredible, vivid memories of what they were like because this really took me back. I mean it is spot on. Not to overshadow the fact that this is looking to be a good show, but I’m just so amazed at how accurate the portrayal of this was, hahaha.


This is painfully accurate.

I have a reason to wake up early now…